Potter's Residencies Abroad Per Person - April Tour

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Be part of a unique and life-changing experience.  Enjoy the warm family and community-oriented environment provided by the Cambodian people and their expert potters.

Windmill Pottery is currently conducting unique pottery experiences with traditional Khmer Potters in Cambodia. We offer potters from around the globe (potential and experienced) the opportunity of working with Khmer potters using their traditional methods.

We aim to facilitate social and cultural interaction between our clients and the Cambodian people through a traditional approach to clay pot making.  In this 10-day residency program, you will not be just an observer. You will learn the Khmer way of creating pottery and share an inside view of your hosts' lives; discovering the aspects of life that mean most to the Khmers; their loves, joys, and imperatives. 

Cambodian pottery in this environment is utilitarian and functional, while still being crafted decoratively, and for centuries was an essential part of trade between the country and its neighbours.

The cost quoted is for a single traveller.  Twin share is available at $225 less per person.


  • Return Flights to Phnom Penh
  • 2 nights in Deluxe Hotel in spacious suites
  • 7-day Pottery Residency in a tranquil guesthouse environment
  • Breakfast & Lunch included (choice of Western or Khmer cuisine)
  • 20 hours tuition under the guidance of traditional Khmer potters
  • Build a traditional firing pyre (season depending)
  • Learn how to knead, throw & purl clay the Khmer way
  • Guided Tour to the clay diggings and enjoy preparing freshly dug clay 
  • Watch a treadle Potter’s wheel construction in progress
  • Shop at the Kampong Chhnang night market
  • Tour village potters at work and visit a Buddhist temple
  • Enjoy evening meals in a Cambodian thatched shelter
  • Attend traditional ceremonies and chat with the locals

 If you don't find joy in people from other cultures, please don’t come on this tour. Stick with guided tours where you can observe the world through the window of a bus. 

For all questions and further booking information, please Contact Us.


3rd April 2020 - 12th April 2020

Next Tours 3rd -12th of May.  

Simply let us know in "contacts" which month you would like to attend one of these unique Residencies and we will get back to you with availability and whether you qualify for our 50% discount.

Bookings accepted till 31st March 2020

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$2,500 per Single Traveler (First Five)


$2,250 per person Twin Share

(Full Price $4,500)

0412 744 715  -  (07) 3206 2777

(Discount ends after first five bookings only)