Kiln Hire

Bisque firing is charged at $10/kg

Glaze Firing is charged at $14/kg for Oxidation Firing and $20/kg for a Reduction Firing (gas kiln)

A  complete 12 cuft/340 litre kiln costs $420 to hire for a Bisque Firing and $550 for an Oxidation Glaze Firing and $650 for a Reduction Glaze Firing (gas kiln).

A complete electric 50 litre kiln costs $88 to hire for a bisque and $99 for a glaze firing


For part kiln firings where your pieces are included with others we bisque at 1000⁰C - 1040⁰C & glaze at Low (Cone 04), Mid (Cone 6) & Stoneware (Cone 10) temperatures.

Contact Windmill Pottery on or phone 617 3206 2777 for more details.

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