Kiln Hire

Bisque firing is charged at $11/kg

Glaze Firing is charged at $16/kg for Oxidation Firing and $25/kg for a Reduction Firing (gas kiln)

A  complete 10 cuft/285 litre kiln costs $450 to hire for a Bisque Firing and $600 for an Oxidation Glaze Firing and $700 for a Reduction Glaze Firing (gas kiln).

A complete electric 50 litre kiln costs $99 to hire for a bisque and $110 for a glaze firing


For part kiln firings where your pieces are included with others we bisque at 1000⁰C - 1040⁰C & glaze at Low (Cone 04), Mid (Cone 6) & Stoneware (Cone 10) temperatures.

However, we can fire to any temperature if you wish to hire an entire kiln.

Contact Windmill Pottery on or phone 617 3206 2777 for more details.

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