What makes Windmill Pottery unique

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What makes Windmill Pottery unique

Windmill Pottery is a unique place with a beautiful and enriching atmosphere that welcomes newcomers and regular potters every week. We are located in Sheldon, bordering Mt Cotton in the beautiful Redlands region of south-east Queensland, approximately half an hour from Brisbane city.

The Pottery has been established on a semi-rural property which means you arrive to a beautiful lake, you hear the birds sing, see the alpacas next door, hear the roosters crow, feel the warm sun in the garden and breathe in the fresh air mixed with that earthly damp smell of clay. 

We have plein air tables of pottery for sale, a Gallery on-site, a sunny little garden where we regularly enjoy a cup of tea from the Pottery's own handcrafted mugs and for students - a unique wheel-throwing studio to get those hands feeling earth! 

What makes Windmill Pottery as special as it is, has to be our clay. Dug and processed on-site, from the land we live on, we call it Quandamooka Clay, the clay of the First Peoples of this part of Queensland. Windmill Pottery is the only boutique pottery in Queensland that does this! At lower earthenware temperatures the clay fires to a rich golden terracotta colour, while at higher stoneware temperatures, it takes on a steely quality that almost shrieks durability and hardness. 

“I have always longed for a clay that has soul,” says Paul Holland, the resident master potter. “Most commercial clays are a blend of imported and local clays. The producers are more concerned with predictability than character.”

Look out for our signature Windmill Pottery stamp, crafted by the resident master potter, Paul Holland, and support the work of true craftsmanship in its full process.

Here at Windmill Pottery we are an active community hub for people passionate about working with clay and our members support the work and ethos of the Pottery and the ceramic arts in general.

The Windmill way makes our pottery unique in Gondwanaland and we invite you to become part of our tradition.     


- Edited by Melanie Gupta, intern at Windmill Pottery



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