The creation of Friends of Windmill Pottery (FWP)

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The creation of Friends of Windmill Pottery (FWP)

With the possible departure of the Redland Potters and Sculptors Association once based at Windmill Pottery, some members have expressed the desire to remain a part of the Pottery. As a result the Pottery has formed Friends of Windmill Pottery (FWP) so that members of FWP can enjoy the same benefits and privledges they enjoyed while the RPSA was based at the Pottery. 

Transfer of membership from RPSA to FWP can be made on request. Membership includes free use of the Pottery's facilities; discounted rates on clay, firing and other services. Membership also provides a Facebook Page where members can share their experiences and knowlwedge, an promotional platform for exclusively arts and ceramics events, subscription to the quarterly Newsletter with monthly flash bulletins. Membership cost of FWP remains the same as present RPSA membership, albeit with GST added. 

Approval must be made by the Pottery before membership to FWP is accepted. Renewal dates coincide with those of the RPSA. Therefore you will not be double charged. 

If you would like to transfer your membership or become a new member of FWP please go to the Contact Page of the Windmill Pottery website and send us a message.

- Edited by Melanie Gupta, intern at Windmill Pottery

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