Windmill Pottery Interns

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Windmill Pottery Interns

At Windmill Pottery we regularly have interns that come in to the Pottery 2-3 days per week for a three month program. In exchange for their pottery classes they assist with the running of the Pottery studio in a selected area. It is likely that you will see some regular faces in your classes so we thought we would put together their profiles so you can see what they are up to. 



I started my internship in July (start of the school term) - 3 months ago. I have just finished glazing my final teapot(s), and a few taller vase shaped items. I've been gardening and cleaning for the Pottery and tried to do what needed to be done. I turned bases on some of the student pots - though I left Paul to do his beautiful script for the names since my writing can be a bit like chicken scratches. So far my favourite item I have made is a goblet. I decided to try something different during one of my final times on the wheel - and I'd been eyeing off the goblet in the Gallery. I am now waiting to see how the glaze turns out. I'd like to make a few items for myself - hopefully I'll be joining the Friends of Windmill Pottery and that way I can make items I know I'll be able to keep. 


I've been at the pottery for about 2-3 months. I'm currently working on bringing together all the parts of the teapot into a final piece. My assistance at the pottery has involved mostly greens keeping of the property and general maintenance and upkeep. I have too many pieces to pick just one favourite item, but my first mini vase that's still on the discount table has a gleam about it that always catches my eye. The cups that I made on the treadle wheel seem to have more character then most. My next step is that I would like to use more clay and turn some large pieces, as well as being more involved in the working of the pottery. 


I have been in my internship at the pottery for three months now. I am currently learning how to make a teapot. I help out with the pottery's online store and taking photos for the pottery's Instagram account. My favourite item I have made is a small bowl because I really like how the colours in the glazes reacted with each other. I am hoping to continue pottery as a hobby and keep making things to keep my creative side active.


I have been doing my internship at the Pottery for about three months now. I am currently working on making large and consistent sugar bowls and the different styles of lids to fit them.This process needs to be fulfilled so that I can make a teapot which is the last step of the internship program. I assist the Pottery with admin and marketing. My favourite item I've made is perhaps my cups just because I know I will use them the most and I love using the items that I make. My next pottery task is to make a teapot and after my internship I would like to make clay jewellery and also try making plates. 


I'm half way through my three month internship. I'm currently working on a teapot. I teach and assist the Kid's Clay Play Workshops, which are a lot of fun and I also spend time in the garden usually pulling weeds out or eating kumquats. My favourite item I have made so far is probably a sugar pot, which is basically an unfinished teapot. I like learning the technical aspects of ceramics. I'm also looking forward to finishing my teapot and making more useable art. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself as I'm learning the ropes, but I'm excited to see my artistic style emerge as I gain more confidence with the creative process of ceramics.


I recently started my internship at Windmill Pottery. Before I came to Australia, I was traveling in Europe for 2 years. I participated in some volunteer projects such as helping refugees and working in medicinal plant gardening. I've been wanting to create something with my hands for a long time. I am a nature lover and I think making pottery is a way to connect to nature by using the elements of clay, water, fire and weather (temperature). I have just started learning the basics of pottery from scratch, for example, how to use the tools, wheels etc. I have been working on translating written English to Japanese script. We hope that we can bring more Japanese people and potters together by introducing the attractions of Windmill Pottery and Australian pottery. My next steps are to visit Japanese pottery studios when I go back to Japan and try to utilise the things I learn from here, and improve my pottery skills. 


If you are interested in an internship program at Windmill Pottery please see the Internships page on our website and contact Paul for further information. 

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