Redland's Creative Alliance Artist's Soiree

Redland's Creative Alliance Artist's Soiree

The Redland's Creative Alliance is holding an Artists' Soiree hosted by Paul Holland at Windmill Pottery this 2nd of December.

The theme - all about 2D and 3D art, music or sculpture, pottery or poetry, writing - just like they used to do in the 1800s when all the arty people of Paris got together to celebrate their creativity - at a Soiree (pronounced swaray).

Paul Holland will be the host for the afternoon, showcasing his wonderful pottery studio in Mount Cotton. The event is open to members of the Redland's Creative Alliance. Guests can bring their list of thoughts, suggestions, ideas and helpful hints to do with the arts. Paul will talk about pottery and the unique clay found on his Mount Cotton property. May will talk and show hand-made 'brushes'. Phil may impart some info about taking photos. Michael may talk about his music - and play something too.


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