Artist Residencies at Windmill Pottery

Windmill Pottery is the only pottery in Australia that digs and prepares its own clay on site. A budding international potter or ceramicist will have the unique experience of working with naturally processed clay using techniques developed by the resident master potter. Residencies differ slightly to our popular internship program, in that accommodation and a valet service are provided. Residencies can be as short as one week, but we recommend four weeks, Monday to Saturday. A resident potter can complete an internship equivalent to our normal Intern Program. Experienced potters will broaden their skills and are encouraged to explore new avenues of ceramic production.
Accommodation is provided locally at Mt Cotton Retreat in self-contained twin share cabins located in a temperate forest. A valet service provided by the Pottery will deliver you to and from your accommodation. Lunch is provided daily at the pottery while the accommodation has kitchen and laundry facilities provided as part of the package.
Japan is well-known for it's masters of ceramics, with hundreds of years of traditional craftsmanship practice. At Windmill Pottery we are passionate about developing the ceramic arts in Australia. The concept of extending our pottery practice currently to a Japanese exchange is to bring Japanese potter's to our own pottery in Brisbane, Australia and see what can be developed in a craftsmanship process of creating a style from nothing. 

Windmill Pottery welcomes Keito Kurita who has joined us in October, helping with translation services to extend our reach to the Japanese community both here in Brisbane and Japan. 

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